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Secure the rights to Repiper® on your market

The number of licensees for the Repiper® concept (of which our patented method is a part), is increasing continuously. Don't miss the chance to secure the exclusive license for your area.

At last, the entire drainage system can be lined!

Repiper® is the first method that can create a new, seamless pipeline system
for the entire building by using lining technology.

Cost and time effective

Repiper® installations are performed in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional replacements.

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The rehabilitated pipe has as long durability as a pipe that has been replaced

The end product of pipeline renewal using Repiper® has been VTT-certified and received an expected service life of at least 40 years.
This means that it lasts as long as a pipe that has been replaced.

Eco-friendly advantages

By renovating the old pipeline system instead of exchanging
the pipes, the negative environmental impacts are reduced.

About Repiper

Line the entire drainage system using the same method

Repiper® provides licensees with the chance to create new, seamless and self-supporting pipes throughout the entire drainage system. Pipeline renewal using the patented Repiper®-method is a cost and time effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement and also has many eco-friendly advantages, compared with traditional methods.

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About the licensing

Become part of a winning network

Be sure to secure exclusive license rights for your geographical area and become part of the Repiper®-network. By signing a license agreement you will have access to everything required for getting started with profitable and qualitative installations.

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About Röranalysgruppen

Röranalysgruppen leads development within pipeline renewal of buildings

Through our extensive experience and unique competence, we at Röranalysgruppen have developed new, unique solutions for renovating building drainage systems. The solutions have been collected under the trademark Repiper®, of which our patented method is part. Repiper® is licensed to companies on the international market.

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In short

Röranalysgruppen develops new, unique solutions for renovating sewage systems in buildings. The solutions have been compiled under the trademark Repiper® and will be licensed out to companies on the international market.


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